GlassWerks is 100% locally owned and operated by Randy Lucas and Jason Liestman and provides in-shop and mobile glass service throughout central Minnesota. We understand the importance of delivering a quality product and exceptional customer service to the very community we are a part of. For the convenience of our customers, our mobile service vans are equipped to repair or replace your damaged glass wherever you need us: home, office, shopping mall, golf course or elsewhere.

We live and work in the same communities as the people we serve and are one of the last truly locally owned glass service shops in the central Minnesota area. At GlassWerks, we pledge to offer exceptional customer service, as well as quality products that will maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle for miles and miles to come.

Windshield Repair In Willmar

A windshield is far more than just protection from flying insects; it is, in fact, a component of your vehicle’s structural integrity. Not only can a chipped or cracked windshield be a factor in having an accident due to impaired vision, it also is more likely an accident will be much more severe. Windshields with chips or cracks are not something that should be ignored. It weakens the safety system in your car and could compromise your life, and the lives of your loved ones. This is especially true in the case of a rollover. Fortunately, minor chips or cracks can be quickly and conveniently repaired by a professional glass technician. In Willmar, we are subject to the kinds of weather and temperature changes that can increase the likelihood chips, and cracks will occur. There are some compelling reasons for this increase you may not have realized.

Weather, And Its Relation to Windshield Repair in Willmar, MN

We certainly face a climate that is unique. Winters are icy cold, and our summers bring the sweltering heat. Our region is subject to extreme weather changes that are uncommon in milder climates. Surprisingly, temperature changes can be a leading cause of damage to one’s windshield. The main culprit is the difference in temperature between the inside of your car and the outside. Blasting your heater when it is below zero or maxing your air conditioning on a day with high heat places increased pressure on your auto glass. This pressure caused the glass to bend leading to chips and cracks. Because our windshields are curved, when the temperature changes the glass shape, fractures are much more likely. This is especially true for the many months our area experiences temperatures below zero. In fact, it is 60% more likely that glass will be damaged in these conditions. The important note is that minor chips or cracks can be easily repaired if done quickly. A small issue can become a major problem requiring full glass replacement if not handled.

Repair Saves You Money, and Possibly Your Life

When you have a small chip or crack in your windshield, it is important to let the professionals handle the job. There are kits that you can purchase to do the work yourself. However, and experienced glass technician can determine if your glass requires repair or full replacement. Their high-quality resins and polishes will be higher quality, and they will have the proper tools needed to do the job right. Repair, when done properly, is much less expensive than full glass replacement. Moreover, professional glass repair is very convenient and can be done when it works best with your schedule. Mobile glass service brings the skill and experience of those technicians to you. Saving money is certainly important. However, when compared to the safety of your family, it pales in comparison. The smallest issue with your glass can still cause structural issues and will inevitably become a larger problem if not addressed. Take action now; call and make an appointment for your windshield repair in Willmar, MN today!

Why GlassWerks?

GlassWerks is your locally owned Willmar, MN glass company providing a level of service and attention that’s difficult to find. Our mission is to combine our highly experienced auto glass professionals with our dedication to earning our customers’ trust through our focus on honesty and integrity. With GlassWerks, we treat your vehicle as if it were our own and always go the extra mile. Want to learn more? Visit our services to learn all the ways we can help with your glass needs, or contact us at one of our three locations today!

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