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Is a shattered or cracked windshield impacting your visibility while driving? For a fast windshield repair that will get you back on the road as soon as possible, call the experienced team at GlassWerks! We’re dedicated to supplying Minnesota vehicle owners with the speedy and reliable auto glass repair services you need to enhance your vehicle’s safety and appearance. Call us now at 320-203-7777.

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If you’re an insurance agent looking for a trustworthy auto glass company you can refer your clients to, GlassWerks is the right choice! Our five-star results and dedication to exceptional customer service will leave your clients satisfied with their new windshield.

As a certified and experienced auto glass repair business, we strive to be the company insurance agents can support and customers can trust. When you refer your clients to GlassWerks for their windshield crack repair, you can feel confident knowing that they’ll be glad you did.

We take your referral seriously! Our team will work diligently to provide customers with the fast, honest, and reliable service they need to get their sunroof repaired and back on the road in no time.

Types of Windshield Damage

There’s no type of glass damage that we can’t take care of on your windshield. When your car experiences any of the following types of damage, the GlassWerks team will be ready to get to work.


While cracks are generally lines that may or may not branch out in different directions, there are still different types of cracks that require unique treatment.

  • Stress cracks often form as a result of temperature changes. Minnesota winters generate the freezing temperatures and ice necessary to form these cracks.
  • Alternatively, an edge crack generates from the edge of the windshield and continues to grow.
  • Floater cracks begin in the middle of the windshield and can grow if the temperatures dip below freezing. Understanding how each crack differs will help the GlassWerks team provide you with the most effective solution.

Chips, Bullseyes, & Stars

Perhaps the most familiar type of windshield damage is chips. Chips are the result of an object (usually a stone or rock) impacting the windshield’s surface.

Among this type of damage includes bullseyes, which are larger than the standard chip and have the appearance of a bulls-eye or half-moon. Additionally, stars are smaller than chips and appear to have cracks spreading out from their center.

*Read more about the commone types of windshield rock chips and what to look for.*

The auto glass specialists at GlassWerks will identify your windshield’s type of damage to apply the most effective and reliable repair. We’ll conduct a close analysis to ensure that your free quote is as accurate as possible. You can feel confident knowing that our team has the expertise and tools necessary to supply the solution you need.

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Contact GlassWerks for Professional Windshield Chip Repair

Ready to make that unsightly crack or chip on your windshield a thing of the past? As a family-owned business, GlassWerks knows what it takes to you with a hassle-free, honest, and long-lasting solution to all of your windshield repair needs.

Whether you’re an insurance agent who needs a dependable auto glass company to recommend to clients or a driver who’s dealing with the repercussions of distracting windshield damage, GlassWerks is the team for you. To learn more about our dedication to supplying five-star windshield repair services, contact us today at 320-203-7777.

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