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If you’ve been in a collision or had auto glass work done, your vehicle’s ADAS features will likely need to be recalibrated. Glasswerks is happy to provide this service by itself or as part of your auto glass repair or replacement. Our technicians are highly trained in both static and dynamic ADAS calibration for all types of vehicles, foreign and domestic. Request a free quote today so you can get your vehicle back to a safe and operable condition!

The Importance of a Professional ADAS Recalibration

Your vehicle’s advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) control various safety features, such as cruise control, driver assistance cameras, and automatic parking.

Over time or as a result of an accident, ADAS can become misaligned and require recalibration. Auto glass work like windshield replacement can also throw off ADAS features. Recalibration restores these important safety systems.

Dynamic vs. Static ADAS Recalibration

To keep your ADAS in working condition, we may conduct either a dynamic or static recalibration.

  • Static recalibration is done in one area or workshop where our trained technicians test the condition and operation of ADAS components.
  • Dynamic recalibration consists of driving the vehicle for a set distance and at a specific speed. Our staff will utilize an attached device to recalibrate and measure your vehicle’s ADAS functions.

When you have your windshield repaired or replaced, both dynamic and static recalibration is necessary. Without a professional windshield calibration, your vehicle is at risk of malfunctions and serious issues.

For professional ADAS recalibration and windshield replacement, contact GlassWerks today! Our team is certified and trained to keep your system working in top condition.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a domestic or foreign vehicle – GlassWerks is here to take care of your ADAS recalibration needs! Start your recalibration off with a free online quote, or give us a call now at 320-203-7777.