Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

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Does your windshield have a chip that just seems to grow bigger? It can be difficult to keep your eyes on the road when that unsightly blemish starts to take over your entire windshield. It’s time to rid your car of those pesky cracks with a windshield that looks good as new! GlassWerks provides fast and efficient windshield replacement services for all kinds of damage. Get started with a free online quote, or call our St. Cloud office today at 320-203-7777.

Minnesota’s Trusted Auto Glass Replacement Company

To get the most out of your auto glass replacement, you need a company that provides honest and reliable service. Auto glass repairmen have a reputation for being sales-heavy and dishonest, but that certainly isn’t the case with GlassWerks! Our commitment to straightforward communication and five-star customer service shows with every windshield replacement.

As a family-owned, locally operated business, we understand the importance of working with technicians you can trust. Rest assured, we’re not going to pull any unwanted surprises or gimmicks on you. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we’ll even provide you with a courtesy car so you can get where you need to go while you wait during your service.

Signs You Need a Windshield Replacement

Windshield damage can come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing when the damage calls for a replacement isn’t always easy. While damage from a small rock on the highway could be overlooked, damage from a deer collision is a different story.

No matter the size, glass is a unique material that can deteriorate, expand, and contract depending on its condition and temperature. Because of its unpredictable nature, it’s best to keep out for the following signs indicating a need for windshield replacement.

Obvious Holes

There are obvious forms of damage, such as holes and indented glass, that indicate you’re in need of replacement. However, when this damage occurs, you’ll want to get your vehicle in for windshield replacement as soon as possible to keep your car safe from unwanted intruders. A compromised windshield leaves your vehicle’s interior vulnerable to car part thieves and other intruders.

A Chip That Grows Into a Crack

Initially, a small chip doesn’t seem like a major setback to your windshield’s state. However, even the smallest chips can eventually grow into one or more cracks. These cracks will eventually compromise your entire windshield’s durability, as well as your visibility while driving. Stay ahead of this issue with a fast and effective windshield repair service.

Three or More Cracks Are Present

When a windshield has more than three cracks on its surface, it becomes weaker to future impacts and temperature changes. To maximize your safety, you should have the windshield replaced as soon as possible.

Damage on Driver's Side

Severe damage on the driver’s side can result in poor visibility, which can put you at risk of accidents. When your windshield’s damage is concentrated on the driver’s side, schedule a replacement service as soon as possible.

What Happens If You Don't Get Your Windshield Replaced Or Repaired?

One of the most common types of auto glass damage is windshield cracks. While you may feel tempted to ignore cracks that aren’t in your direct line of sight, you should still consider getting a windshield replacement or repair as soon as possible. There are several reasons why a windshield replacement or repair is essential to your safety while driving.

  • Cracks Will Develop into Larger Damage
  • Compromised Structural Integrity
  • Increased Risk of Injury
  • Higher Risk of Ejection
  • Airbag Malfunction

Get Your Windshield Replaced by Minnesota’s Best Technicians

Don’t compromise your safety and commute with a broken windshield! Schedule a speedy windshield replacement service with our team of dedicated and experienced auto glass technicians. Reach out to the GlassWerks team online or call us now at 320-263-7777!