GlassWerks is 100% locally owned and operated by Randy Lucas and Jason Liestman and provides in-shop and mobile glass service throughout central Minnesota. We understand the importance of delivering a quality product and exceptional customer service to the very community we are a part of. For the convenience of our customers, our mobile service vans are equipped to repair or replace your damaged glass wherever you need us: home, office, shopping mall, golf course or elsewhere.

We live and work in the same communities as the people we serve and are one of the last truly locally owned glass service shops in the central Minnesota area. At GlassWerks, we pledge to offer exceptional customer service, as well as quality products that will maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle for miles and miles to come.

Litchfield Auto Glass Repair

In our great state, we have at our disposal incredible beauty in our surroundings. As the seasons change, that beauty simply transforms and continues to take our breath away no matter what time of year it may be. The beauty is made possible by the weather and temperature changes that are so prevalent in Central Minnesota. However, those same changes are exceptionally hard on our auto glass. Just one of the many factors that can lead to damage. Even minor chips and cracks should never be ignored. They pose a great danger to the driver and passengers. Field of vision can be obstructed, and damaged glass will lessen the structural integrity of your vehicle. The damage that could have been repaired will only worsen if left alone, leading to the need for full glass replacement. Auto glass damage should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Litchfield Satellite Service

Surprisingly, repairing or replacing your auto glass by a professional glass company is both fast and convenient. An experienced technician will come to your home or business thanks to mobile glass service, and use the best materials available to restore your safety. Choosing an auto glass company you can trust is critical to finding the peace of mind you deserve. You want a glass company that will never cut corners and genuinely care about your well-being. Many auto glass companies are available to choose from, so it is well worth the effort to do your research and choose the one best equipped to work on your car. Insurance policies often cover auto glass repair and even replacement, so it can also be helpful to contact your agent. Repairing or replacing your damaged auto glass is as simple as making a call and setting up your appointment. GlassWerks is honored to serve the city of Litchfield and its residents with a dedication to exceptional quality and over-the-top service each and every time.

Why Choose GlassWerks?

GlassWerks is your locally owned glass company providing a level of service and attention that’s difficult to find. Our mission is to combine our highly experienced auto glass professionals with our dedication to earning our customers’ trust through our focus on honesty and integrity. With GlassWerks, we treat your vehicle as if it were our own and always go the extra mile. Want to learn more? Visit our services to learn all the ways we can help with your glass needs, or contact us at one of our three primary locations today!

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