Scratches in your windshield are a hazard to your ability to drive and can be incredibly annoying. At GlassWerks, we’re the professionals you can trust to repair scratches in your windshield or replace the entire thing if it’s unsalvageable.

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If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to remove fine scratches from your windshield, leave it to the professionals. We do this day-in-day-out, and can make sure it’s done absolutely right. Without the proper tools and experience, you can worsen the damage to your windshield rather than improve its state.

Common Reasons For Fine Scratches On Your Windshield

There’s a good reason why microfiber towels are always recommended to use when cleaning your car’s surface. The cloth is designed to be gentle on your car’s surface and glass; use an ordinary cloth or newspapers and you may create a complete mess on your auto’s glass and paint!

Have you remembered a time when you accidentally turned on the wiper even if it was not raining? On a dry day, contaminants and dust can get in the way between the wiper blades and the glass.

Turning your wiper on will create a friction between the surface and the blades, causing some undesirable scratch lines.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Windshield

1. Locate

If you already know where the scratch is, great! You still need to check it with your fingernail. Run your fingernail perpendicular to the scratch, running over it like a tire over a rumble strip.

If you nail gets caught at all, the scratch is probably too deep to repair on your own. If your nail slides right over the top, this process may work for you.

Once you’ve found the scratch, outline a square around it with scotch tape so you have no problem finding the area later.

2. Clean

Use your normal glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean the entire windshield. Flip your microfiber cloth to the other side and buff the windshield dry. Make sure there aren’t any contaminants or cleaner left on the surface. Anything remaining can cause additional scratches during the wax process.

3. Wax

Grab the wax and applicator you’ve selected for the job. Place a very small amount of wax on the applicator and apply an even layer on the area, making sure it enters the scratch. Let the wax settle for a few minutes before buffing.

4. Buff

Install the polishing pad on the buffer you’ve selected for the job. Plug the buffer in and turn it on to the recommended settings. Use moderate pressure to polish the area of the windshield you’re working in. Continue until all visible marks are eliminated.

Don’t push too hard or you’ll make the damage worse.

5. Clean Wiper Blades

Lastly, be sure to lift your wiper blades, spray some glass cleaner onto your microfiber cloth and wipe the blades until they’re clean. Any dirt or particles left on the blades can lead to renewed scratches on your windshield.

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