A cracked windshield is no laughing matter, and needs to be taken care of quickly. Whether it’s not safe to drive, you don’t have time or you’re stuck at work, GlassWerks offers mobile glass repair near Brainerd, MN just for these reasons! We can come to you anywhere within a 60-mile radius of our Brainerd office, located at 501 West Washington Street.

 Give us a call today for mobile glass repair near Brainerd, MN!

How Does It Work?

Once you get in touch with our local Brainerd area team, we’ll set up a time and place to make the repair or replacement. It can be at your home in Brainerd, at work or in a parking lot where you’ve left it. We can come to any location which is convenient for you! All we need is your information and a way to get into the vehicle – you don’t even physically need to be there.

 Mobile glass repair near Brainerd, MN usually takes about 30 minutes or less, while mobile glass replacement usually takes 60 minutes or less. Once the repair is completed, your vehicle can be driven immediately.

 Because your vehicle isn’t in our controlled shop environment, we will have to affix a special arm to the vehicle to help hold the auto glass while we work, if we’re replacing the glass. This arm doesn’t damage your vehicle in any way, but allows us to control the windshield just as if we were in our shop.

Does Mobile Glass Repair Cost Extra?

With mobile glass repair near Brainerd, MN, you won’t have to pay any extra. Our technicians are able to drive to the edge of our 60-mile radius service area at no extra cost to you. Depending on how much damage has been done, the cost of the service can vary, but most auto insurance companies will cover the full cost of repair or replacement.

If you don’t have insurance, please contact our friendly office staff and we’ll happily give you a competitive quote!

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