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Auto Glass Services

Auto Glass Replacement

Our expert technicians can replace any kind of auto glass: front windshields, door glass, vent glass, quarter glass, back glass or the rear windshields.

As a quick rule of thumb, if the damage to your auto glass has any of the following attributes, you are most likely going to need a complete auto glass replacement. The characteristics include:

  • Damage on the inside of the auto glass
  • Deep damage on both the outer and inner layer of glass
  • Cracks which have allowed contamination in, whether water or chemical

Again, an experienced and professional auto glass technician is the best way to determine if you need auto glass replacement. Also, any damage should be examined and replaced by a technician as soon as possible. This will eliminate the possibility of the repairable damage becoming worse, and will restore your vehicle’s integrity.

Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass repair is a safe and efficient way to restore the structural integrity of the glass as well as that of your vehicle. You and your loved ones are much safer following the repair, and your field of vision will be restored.

Having your windshield repaired soon after the damage has occurred is also important: over time, dirt, moisture, and temperature changes will accumulate in the chip or crack leading to more extensive damage.

Fortunately, windshield repair is both easy and fast, often completed in 30 minutes or less. Once the repair is completed, your vehicle can be driven immediately. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of windshield repair.

Many types of auto glass damage can be repaired, such as:

  • Bull’s eye – circular chip caused by a rock or other sharp object
  • Chip – a single chip which can be covered with a quarter
  • Floater crack – a crack which starts further than two inches from the edge of the windshield (if it is shorter than three inches)
  • Half moon/partial bull’s eye – similar to the bull’s eye but not completely circular
  • Star break – a short series of radial cracks coming off of an impact point
  • Combination – multiple types of breaks in one location (depending on the types)

Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel is a type of hydrophobic auto glass coating which can be applied to your windshield. This coating doesn’t change how your windshield looks – the glass is still perfectly clear, and you don’t lose any visibility. However, when it rains, the coating actually pulls the droplets of rain together, creating larger drops of water. When these drops roll down they windshield, they collect dirt and other debris and remove it when they fall off.

How does this differ from other auto glass coatings? Other coatings don’t force water droplets to merge together so they aren’t large enough to pull that dirt all the way off the windshield. The result is a streak of dirt that cuts visibility and looks horrible.

Aquapel is designed to remove more than 99% of the dirt and debris on your windshield, plus it improves visibility while driving in the rain. It will also make your windshield wipers more effective and help increase their lifespan as an added bonus.

Tractor Glass Repair And Replacement

While some tractor-trailer and farm tractor glass needs to be special ordered, we can custom cut many types of tractor glass. Also, we can come to wherever you are in our service area to do the installation!

RV Glass Repair And Replacement

We also handle recreation vehicle, or RV glass repair and replacement. Any type of glass found on your RV, we can repair or replace wherever you are!

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