Your windshield safety is highly dependent on taking good care of it and having it repaired and replaced as soon as possible after any damage occurs.

It is absolutely critical to the safety of anyone in your vehicle that your windshield be properly and safely repaired or replaced.

At GlassWerks, all of our technicians are fully trained and certified in windshield safety by the National Glass Association (NGA) as well as DOW Automotive and SIKA, which are both sealant manufacturers. Our technicians also follow all Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) procedures, and our materials meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications. All of this means you are getting some of the best repair and replacement work in the business when you come to us.

Effects Of Damage On Windshield Safety

A damaged windshield will compromise your windshield safety if you are involved in a collision. While windshields do protect us from the elements, they are primarily designed to keep you and your loved ones inside the vehicle, and they work with the airbags and seat belts to restrain you.

The windshield also helps support the roof and structure, which can help in a collision or rollover. Any pre-existing damage to your glass can weaken the frame of your vehicle when it impacts something else, possibly leading to a collapsed roof or the front/back/sides more easily moving into the interior.

During an accident, the airbag may deploy at nearly 200 miles per hour. Ideally, the airbag will deflect off the inside of your windshield to slow it down before it reaches your body. If the windshield is damaged, the airbag could destroy it and it could affect the usefulness of the airbag. Having the original windshield, or at least an OEM quality replacement, is key.

Windshield Safety Priorities

1. Monitor Your Windshield Safety

Pay attention to any damage your windshield receives, and get it inspected as soon as possible. If the damage is quite large or obscures your vision, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Windshield safety is paramount, so make sure your windshield is in working order.

2. Repair Or Replace With OEM Quality Materials

When you do bring your vehicle in to have the windshield repaired or replaced, be sure the auto glass shop uses OEM quality glass and sealant for the installation. At GlassWerks, this is something we do automatically, but you may need to ask for it at other shops. OEM quality glass and sealants ensure a proper fit, as the glass is from the same manufacturer as your original glass.

3. Support Your Windshield’s Health

Be sure to keep your windshield clean so any chips or cracks are visible and not hidden under dirt. Once a crack or chip is in your windshield, do not wash it, as this will make it more difficult to repair if a repair is possible.

Experts in Our Field

GlassWerks is your locally owned glass company, providing OEM quality glass and sealants to increase your windshield safety. With a long-lasting legacy of experience and positive reviews from customers and insurance professionals in the community, GlassWerks is known for treating our customers vehicles like we would our own. Contact us with any questions, any time.

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