If you’re a “car person”, you probably love cleaning the windshield and windows and have your own, tried-and-true methods for streak-free auto glass. But most people probably don’t enjoy cleaning auto glass, especially the inside of the windshield.

Don’t worry, the experts at GlassWerks have some great tips to help you easily get streak-free results every time.

How To Get Streak-Free Auto Glass Every Time


The key to streak-free auto glass is a highly absorbent wiping material and a good cleaner.

Generally speaking, a short-nap, non-linting microfiber cloth works best. Surprisingly, newspaper also does the trick. Microfiber cloth is useful for its high absorbency and excellence at picking up dust. The newspaper is also highly-absorbent, and as an added bonus some newspaper ink also has a high alcohol content which aids in drying.

As far as the actual cleaner you should use, just be sure you do not use a household product. Many household products contain ammonia, which can cause plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather to dry out. Ammonia also damages tint on windows, so if you have any tint at all this can be bad news. Try to find an window cleaning solution which is specific to auto glass. Beyond that it is up to personal preference.


When cleaning your windshield or windows, be sure to keep the vehicle cool and out of the sun. Heat will cause your cleaning solution to evaporate quickly, leaving streaks.

Spray your cleaner into the towel and not onto the glass. It doesn’t take much to clean, so don’t oversaturate the towel; you want it to be able to absorb and pick-up the dust and leftover moisture from the windows.

When wiping, wipe horizontally on the outside and vertically on the inside. This way, if you do have a streak left behind you can easily tell which side of the window the streak is on to quickly dispatch it.


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