A windshield crack or chip can be a simple repair or a complete windshield replacement. It all depends on the length, diameter and location of the crack or chip.

When a crack or chip first appears in your auto glass, you’re probably immediately wondering how long you can drive it before it really needs to be repaired or replaced. How long you can drive your vehicle with this crack or chip again depends on the severity and location of the damage. Sometimes you may be able to drive for hundreds of miles, other times you may need to pull over immediately and contact a mobile glass repair shop like GlassWerks.

How Long Can I Drive With A Windshield Crack?


If the crack or chip is small enough, you can usually drive for a few days before heading into a glass repair shop.

For the safety of you and others in your vehicle you do want to get these repaired as soon as possible, so don’t put it off any longer than you need to. A chip or crack can compromise your safety if you are involved in a collision, as the windshield is built to keep you inside the vehicle during head-on collisions and also acts as a crucial piece of the airbag system. The windshield also supports the roof and is a key factor in maintaining the vehicle’s structural integrity.


Cracks or chips can affect the vision of the driver as well as the structure of the vehicle. Depending on the location of the damage, your view of the road may be obstructed leading to an increased chance of a collision. A law enforcement officer may even pull you over if the damage appears to pose a safety risk.

The location of the crack or chip will also determine how critical it is to get your auto glass repaired or replaced. If the damage is closer to the edge of the windshield, it will most likely need to be replaced.


  • Determine if the damage will block your view of the road or other vehicles/pedestrians.
  • Do not wash the windshield as water can cause the damage to worsen.
  • Try not to allow dirt or moisture in the crack or chip as much as possible, as this will make it more difficult to repair.
  • Park in the shade and be cautious with air conditioning/defroster. Extreme temperatures can worsen damage.
  • Avoid potholes and other bumps which can jolt your auto glass and increase the damage. Also, do not slam the doors as this can cause the pressure in the car to push against the windshield.
  • Call or visit a professional auto glass repair and replacement shop as soon as possible.

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