Keeping your auto glass clean is nearly impossible, especially in Minnesota. Between the snow, rain, dust and dirt, your windshield gets dirty nearly as soon as you’ve finished washing it.

Driving with a dirty windshield can be dangerous, and even just having rain on your windshield can reduce your reaction time. That’s why we suggest having a professional GlassWerks technician put Aquapel on your windshield to repel water.

With a hydrophobic auto glass coating like Aquapel, you can statistically be safer while driving. Let’s look at a study which shows just how awesome these coatings can be!

Study: Treated Windshields Reduce Reaction Time Greatly

How They Did It

The University of Michigan set up a study with 32 people, 16 aged 20-30 and 16 aged 60-70 to test their ability to see objects through an untreated or treated windshield, during rain events, during both daytime and nighttime conditions.

Using leaf blowers (blowing the equivalent of 36 mph), water sprayers (to simulate “moderate to heavy rainfall”), headlights for glare and a 1992 compact car, the participants were asked to identify a sign with a single letter of the alphabet on it, and report back via CB radio to a researcher. The response time was recorded.


What they found was quite amazing! During the daytime, the effect wasn’t statistically significant. But, at night:

  • The younger group of people had night reaction time which was ½ second faster with treatment, which when traveling 62 mph would be the equivalent of stopping 44 feet sooner in an emergency situation, roughly the length of three average cars.
  • The older group of people had a night reaction time which was more than 1 second faster with treatment, which at 62 mph would be the equivalent of stopping 88 feet sooner, or the length of six average car lengths!

This study suggests that a windshield treatment like Aquapel can save lives by improving reaction time in nighttime conditions, and could improve performance in daytime conditions as well! There’s absolutely no reason not to utilize this product on your windshield, but the benefits won’t be nearly as pronounced without the right product and professional application.

Why Choose Aquapel?

When professionally applied, Aquapel can remove more than 99% of dirt and debris that comes into contact with it. Furthermore, when driving in rain, Aquapel also helps to ensure your windshield is clear with intensely improved visibility. As a bonus, using a hydrophobic glass coating will significantly increase the life and effectiveness of your windshield wipers.

Get It Applied At GlassWerks!

Application sounds easy on the packaging of many of these types of glass coatings. However, the expertise and skill that a professional application provides ensures a far superior application with significantly better results.

The glass must be perfectly clean before applying the coating and it must be applied correctly. Failure to do so could lead to poorly coated glass at best, and could even damage your auto glass at worst. Before wasting your time and money, contact a professional auto glass company like GlassWerks and ask for Aquapel treatment.

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