You may think GlassWerks is just an excellent vehicle glass replacement shop with mobile and in-shop repair and replacement. But we actually handle glass replacement on a variety of different objects. Check out more info below, and call us for any glass issues you may have!

1. Furniture GlassGlass table with glasses and rocks on top on wooden floor.

Look around your living room or family room. You may have a beautiful glass tabletop for your coffee table. You may also have glass shelves on a side table or bookcase. And there may be any number of mirrors on the wall in these rooms as well as in your bedrooms and bathrooms. At GlassWerks, we can come to your home and replace any of these glass pieces using our mobile replacement vans.

2. Home Windows

Whether you recently had storm damage or the neighbor kid decided to hit a home run through your second story window, we can replace the glass in your regular windows and your storm windows! Our glass replacement services are top-notch.

3. Picture Frames

Your family photos are important. And whether they’ve received a slight chip or have been shattered, we can replace picture frame glass in any size, from lockets to giant family photos in heirloom frames. Trust us to handle it correctly and safely!

4. Specialty Glass

You may be thinking you have glass we couldn’t possibly work with – it’s too specialized! Well, we do in fact work with both laminated safety glass and insulated glass!

5. Window/Door Screens

Lastly, we not only do glass replacement, we also replace the screens in your doors and windows which keep bugs and debris out! If you have scratches or breaks in the screen, flies, mosquitoes and other pests can begin entering your home. Let us help keep them out!


Scratches in your windshield are a hazard to your ability to drive and can be incredibly annoying. At GlassWerks, we’re the professionals you can trust to repair scratches in your windshield or replace the entire thing if it’s unsalvageable.

Get in touch with us today for the professional touch!


If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to remove fine scratches from your windshield, leave it to the professionals. We do this day-in-day-out, and can make sure it’s done absolutely right. Without the proper tools and experience, you can worsen the damage to your windshield rather than improve its state.

Common Reasons For Fine Scratches On Your Windshield

There’s a good reason why microfiber towels are always recommended to use when cleaning your car’s surface. The cloth is designed to be gentle on your car’s surface and glass; use an ordinary cloth or newspapers and you may create a complete mess on your auto’s glass and paint!

Have you remembered a time when you accidentally turned on the wiper even if it was not raining? On a dry day, contaminants and dust can get in the way between the wiper blades and the glass.

Turning your wiper on will create a friction between the surface and the blades, causing some undesirable scratch lines.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Windshield

1. Locate

If you already know where the scratch is, great! You still need to check it with your fingernail. Run your fingernail perpendicular to the scratch, running over it like a tire over a rumble strip.

If you nail gets caught at all, the scratch is probably too deep to repair on your own. If your nail slides right over the top, this process may work for you.

Once you’ve found the scratch, outline a square around it with scotch tape so you have no problem finding the area later.

2. Clean

Use your normal glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean the entire windshield. Flip your microfiber cloth to the other side and buff the windshield dry. Make sure there aren’t any contaminants or cleaner left on the surface. Anything remaining can cause additional scratches during the wax process.

3. Wax

Grab the wax and applicator you’ve selected for the job. Place a very small amount of wax on the applicator and apply an even layer on the area, making sure it enters the scratch. Let the wax settle for a few minutes before buffing.

4. Buff

Install the polishing pad on the buffer you’ve selected for the job. Plug the buffer in and turn it on to the recommended settings. Use moderate pressure to polish the area of the windshield you’re working in. Continue until all visible marks are eliminated.

Don’t push too hard or you’ll make the damage worse.

5. Clean Wiper Blades

Lastly, be sure to lift your wiper blades, spray some glass cleaner onto your microfiber cloth and wipe the blades until they’re clean. Any dirt or particles left on the blades can lead to renewed scratches on your windshield.

When your auto glass is cracked or shattered, it’s time to call the professionals. But what if you’re on a trip, or at work and can’t get to a glass repair shop? That’s when mobile glass repair services shine!

At GlassWerks, we’re ready to come to you within 60 miles of Willmar, St. Cloud and Brainerd. Get in touch today to set up an appointment!

1. Time Savings

When you use mobile glass repair or replacement, you’re getting a service you normally have to travel to, conveniently provided wherever you are. Whether you’re at home, work or the mall, a crack or break doesn’t mean a dangerous drive or tow truck call anymore. Just call GlassWerks!

2. Great For Road Trip/Travel Incidents

Whether you’re on a cross country road trip or just travelling to the Twin Cities, Fargo or Duluth, a cracked windshield can really ruin your day.

With mobile glass repair, you’re able to get your windshield fixed or replaces – if you’re within 60 miles of one of our three service locations – and after an hour for the glue to set you can be back on the road! That’s a lot easier than calling for a tow or trying to find your way to a glass repair shop.

3. Fleet Vehicles Can Be Back On The Road Fast

Whether you run or work for a construction company, landscaper, agriculture business or anything else, a fleet vehicle generally needs to keep moving. And in your business, rocks and other sharp objects often get sent flying.

With mobile glass repair, we can come straight to the work site and repair or replace your windshield, so you can get back to doing what you’re always doing – working hard.

4. Prevents You From Being Pulled Over

Driving around with a cracked or partially shattered windshield is not only dangerous, it’s also against the law! The police can and will pull you over if your glass damage is noticeable or dangerous enough.

With mobile glass repair, you can fix your damage on the spot, preventing a costly ticket.

5. Reduces Further Damage

When you drive your vehicle with a cracked or shattered windshield, any bumps, hard braking or turning maneuvers or objects/rain hitting the windshield can cause the damage to worsen. By calling GlassWerks for mobile glass repair, you’ll prevent additional damage to both your auto glass, the frame of your vehicle and your passengers should you be in an accident.

Get in touch today to learn more or set up a mobile glass repair appointment!

Recently, GlassWerks was featured on the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota’s blog for our work with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and SBDC (Small Business Development Center) providing resume-building work for business students from St. Cloud State University (SCSU) while we benefit from their help growing our brand! We were asked to be part of this program because we are a BBB accredited local, small business.

BBB, SBDC & SCSU PartnershipAB_logo_270x103

The BBB and SBDC have partnered together for more than six years, trying to build up the local business community in central Minnesota and create trust between consumers and businesses. The SBDC is based out of an office on the campus of St. Cloud State University, and provides free, confidential consulting to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Becoming A BBB Accredited Business

We put our listing on the BBB website in 2010, and became BBB accredited that same year. This was definitely a source of credibility for us with customers, and we’ve but the BBB badge on our website and all of our marketing material since. We also frequented education focus luncheons put on the BBB to learn more about marketing our business.

GlassWerks’ Involvement With SBDC

At GlassWerks, we’ve been involved with the SBDC since 2011. We were interested in improving our personnel infrastructure, and were able to work with two junior counselors from SBDC.

These junior counselors were actually graduate students in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at SCSU’s Herberger Business School. With their help, we were able to clarify staff roles throughout the business and improve their function and flow. They helped us create task-oriented job descriptions, empower our staff and made us more efficient.

We’re proud to have been able to work with these two organizations, and appreciate the opportunities we’ve had because of these partnerships.

We know time and money are precious, and always in short supply. With mobile windshield replacement from GlassWerks, we’ll work with your insurance company to get you the replacement you need, but also save you time with our mobile service calls in a 60-mile radius from our three locations in St. Cloud, Brainerd and Willmar.

Let’s take a look at how mobile windshield replacement works, so you know what to expect when you give us a call.

Preparing The Vehicle For Mobile Windshield Replacement

Just like in the shop, there are certain steps we need to take to prepare the vehicle. The windshield wipers need to be removed, as well as the antennae if it’s in the way. We’ll also remove the rearview mirror, and then proceed to removing the protective plastic covering the edges of the windshield.

Removing The Glass

Then, we begin removing the glass itself. We’ll use a lubricant to prepare in the inner edge of the windshield, and then take a specialized cutting tool to the windshield, cutting it free of the vehicle. This tool eliminates any risk of damaging your vehicle. Once the glass is removed, we’ll remove the old glue from the vehicle.

Dry-Setting Glass

Here is where mobile windshield replacement really starts to differ from having it done in the shop. Because we don’t have shop equipment, we’ll need to affix a special arm to the vehicle to help hold the windshield in place while we dry-set it. This arm attaches to one of our suction cups, allowing us to set the arm to an exact length so it’s simple to set it when we’re ready.

Once we have it set perfectly, we’ll remove the handle from the suction cup and set the new glass aside, leaving the arm at the perfect setting.

Preparing The Surface & New Glass

Next, we’ll prepare the surface of the vehicle to receive the glass by cleaning it perfectly and adding a primer to achieve a high-intensity hold.

Then, we’ll clean the new glass perfectly to remove any small dust or other particles, prime it, then add the glue.

Setting The Glass

Once we’re all ready to go, we’ll reattach the glass to the mobile windshield replacement arm, and set it down in the exact spot we chose before. Once it’s in, we observe both the interior and exterior to ensure everything is flush. Once things are looking good, we replace everything we’ve removed, and the glass sits for about an hour before it’s ready to drive again.