When it comes to auto glass, it’s always a good idea to have quality partners like a good auto insurance company and a good glass repair and replacement company. There’s nothing better than making a phone call, and having someone come to your home or office to fix your auto glass while you sit inside all cozy!

If that’s not the service you’re getting, here are the mistakes you’re making.


1. Trying To Fix Your Auto Glass Yourself

DIY kits are almost always trouble. If you have damaged auto glass you think you can repair yourself, you’re probably wrong. The fixes are never as good as a professional can do, and your time and money can be better spent taking the car to a repair shop.

You’re putting yourself and anyone who rides in your vehicle in danger with that repair, and the time spent on it isn’t worth it because you’ll have to redo it a few times and probably still have to take it in, which will probably result in a full replacement.


2. Not Getting The Right Insurance

You have insurance, right? Then use it! Ideally, you should have a $0 glass deductible on your insurance, meaning you can use it at any time to get your glass repaired or replaced for $0 upfront; your insurance takes care of all the costs, you just continue paying your monthly premium.

If you don’t have $0 glass deductible, or don’t have insurance at all, you should make that a priority. Otherwise contact a local auto glass company – like GlassWerks – you trust and see if you can work out a payment plan.


3. Not Getting Problems Taken Care Of Right Away

You’ve taken a rock to your windshield, but you’re still driving around two days later? That’s not good. The windshield could crack and split while you’re driving down the highway, possibly causing you to create an accident! That puts your life, the life of anyone in your vehicle and those driving near you in grave danger. This is a problem which needs to be taken care of nearly immediately. A company like GlassWerks will actually do a mobile repair or replacement for you, coming to your car wherever it is and fixing the auto glass right there!

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