At GlassWerks, we know you might not even know we are certified by various windshield safety organizations. You might never have heard of these organizations, or know why it’s important for a glass repair and replacement company to be certified. But we are.

We are certified to provide you and your family the safety you deserve, and at as high of a quality as when your vehicle came out of the manufacturing plant. We are certified because we believe in providing the best repair and replacement work in the business.

Why We Choose To Get Certified (And How You Benefit)AGSC Logo

To Provide Premiere Windshield Safety

In order to make your ride as safe as possible, all of our technicians are certified by the following organizations.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

FMVSS are written by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and as part of the industry our manufacturers must meet or exceed the FMVSS set. Our customers could be seriously injured and the vehicles would not be as strong if these standards were not followed, so as an industry it’s important to keep ahead of regulation.

Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) & Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS)

The AGSC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. It is an accredited institution, and provides the only standard for auto glass replacement in North America, the AGRSS.

All of our technicians are certified through the AGSC, which includes a timed 70 question exam which tests our techs knowledge of:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
  • All types of auto glass replacement
  • National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS)
  • Sunroof repair and replacement techniques
  • Custom cut laminated glass parts

Sealant Manufacturers (DOW Automotive and Sika)

All of our technicians are certified by our sealant manufacturers, DOW Automotive and Sika.

DOW is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the adhesives and sealants on nearly all domestic auto glass as well as ⅔ of global.

Sika is another adhesive we utilize, and is just as safe as DOW; both have exceeded rigorous federal motor vehicle safety standards.

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